Video Portfolio

The following videos display projects that I have made a great contribution to.

Projects omitted include small projects, demos, unreleased products, several high profile projects developed under a non-disclosure agreement, game jams, and student work.

Recent Endeavors


warDrive is a casual, cyberpunk, on-rails shooter, and idler.

In a future where wireless embedded AI runs everything down to your toaster, you play as a young hacker on the lam in a car that has a mind of its own.

History Maker VR

HistoryMaker VR is a virtual reality content creation tool where learners can embody and perform as famous U.S. figures.

Until You Fall

"Fight. Fall. Rise Again. Grow stronger as you battle through an awesome neon environment and strike down magic-infused monstrosities. Fantasy and synthwave collide in this physically active VR hack-and-slash roguelite. "

Save The Park

A mobile runner game with action puzzle mechanics featuring two controllable characters.

Save the Park is an endless runner game for iOS which hopes to inspire players to make a difference in real life at U.S. national parks.

Oldies but Goodies

Night Shift

Night Shift is an adventure video game for the iPad where the player is an emergency medicine physician faced with various critical care situations.


Lexica: The Seeker

Lexica: The Seeker takes players on a journey into Lexica’s storied frontier to discover the whereabouts of a famous League of Curioso storytellers who have mysteriously disappeared.


Pele: King of Football

The gameplay is simple and you can get into the action straight away. Choose from hundreds of uniform combinations, use special power-ups to help you through tricky levels and watch exclusively recorded interview footage of Pelé. 


Rhythm Rescue

Presented at the American Heart Association annual Heart Ball, this cross-platform interactive game that serves as a rallying point for hands-only CPR.


Polaris Slingshot 360

Working with The Integer Group, Bully! developed the Slingshot 360 app to give potential Polaris Industries customers a way to experience the unique 3-wheeled roadster before becoming available in dealerships.


Create & Learn

The Create & Learn App, developed with Fisher Price, is a learning tool that provides hours of game-play for young kids learning the alphabet.


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